Good hair is not Amazon Prime. No, you can’t get it in 2 days !!!

Understand Hair Growth and stay away from gimmicky products

woman confused in gimmicky products

In today’s world when every other brand claims to be the no.1 and most efficient hair growth solution that can help you grow hair in 7 days or 4 weeks, how do you know what’s true and what’s not?

First of all, let’s get it clear. Hair takes around 4 months to grow naturally and it’s not possible at all to play with science and biology. 

Know your hair growth cycle

hair growth cycle phases

Each hair on your head grows in a characteristic cycle of development with several phases. 

There are three main phases involved in a complete hair growth cycle

Anagen phase

Initially, the hair follicle is in the Anagen (Growth) phase for 2-6 years during which the hair gains nourishment and grows. Depending on the genetics and health condition, the time span of the Anagen phase varies person-to-person.

This is one of the most important phases in the entire hair growth cycle as your entire hair health and quality depend on the Anagen phase only. 

Catagen phase

Next comes the Catagen (transition) phase which continues for 1-2 weeks only and shows the end of the active hair growth stage. In this phase, the hair stops growing and the follicle starts to shrink and detaches from the skin. 

Telogen phase

Telogen (fall out) phase is the final phase of the hair growth cycle wherein hair is finally released or “falls out”. It takes around 5-6 weeks for epidermal cells of hair to accumulate around the scalp base that further prevents hair from getting any more nutrition. 

Due to this reason, the hair follicle remains inactive or in no hair growth stage until the hair falls out and the telogen phase ends. 

After this, The follicle again returns to the Anagen phase and grows new hair to remark the beginning of a new hair growth cycle.

It takes roughly about 4 months for the hair to go through the growth and transition stage, and 3 weeks for the hair to transition, shed, and get into the new growth cycle.  

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But what hinders hair growth? 

phases of hair growth cycle

You might be wondering that If hair growth works in a cycle, then why do we start facing hair loss. 

Well, as mentioned above, The anagen phase depends on genetics and health conditions. 

Due to several causes, such as aging, hormones, DHT, lack of proper nutrition, stress, etc - the anagen phase gets shorter leading the follicles to shrink over time. 

This results in hair follicles producing shorter, and thinner hair with each cycle and eventually stops producing altogether. This process is called miniaturization and the entire condition is known as androgenic alopecia.

In simple words, the shortening of the anagen phase leads to thinner hair follicles and causes visible hair loss

How to stimulate the Anagen phase

Now that you know that the anagen phase plays such an important role in hair growth, then the next question arises- How to stimulate and prolong the hair growth phase? 

Don’t worry! We have got you covered with LLLT. 

Yes, the low-level laser therapy or photo bio modulation has been clinically proven to prevent and cure hair loss by stimulating the anagen phase. 

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) is also known as Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) and it is a well-established, well-documented, and well-studied therapy that is used to treat hair loss, and to promote hair growth in both men and women. 

LLLT can shift the hair from telogen to anagen phase and prolong the anagen phase. This further reverses the miniaturization process and helps in growing more hair. and make the process longer so that miniaturization can be delayed and hair starts growing.

In the last 15 years, low-level light therapy has gained mass acceptance worldwide by both physicians and consumers as an effective home-use treatment for hair growth. Most hair loss physicians world-wide use LLLT as a critical component of their treatment plan and several renowned doctors like Dr. Roy Stoller recommended Hairsmart grow Laser 272 cap to be of great use for treating hair loss. 


Hair loss and bald scalp are the worst nightmares one can have, but the good news is- It’s 100% preventable and reversible with the right care. 

Now that you have understood the complete science behind hair growth cycle and reasons that cause thinning of hair, you might have got a rough idea of how it works. 

LLLT helps your hair follicles in regaining the lost strength to help them grow again by stimulating the anagen phase and prolonging the hair growth active stage. This entire process takes around 4 months to show effective results. 

That’s why you need to stay away from all the gimmicky products claiming to give you quick results. Because great things take time and so does your hair! 

Stay woke and take care!