Best Hair Growth Supplement of 2024 - Nutrafol vs HairSmart?

Best Hair Growth Supplement of 2022 - Nutrafol vs HairSmart? - MyHairSmart

With the latest health-conscious movement that has taken the world by storm, many have been flocking to the internet to search for all-natural solutions to problems such as hair loss, damaged roots and ends, and overall dullness. However, finding the best products may prove to be a difficult process.

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Thankfully, we’re here to make it easy for you. We’ve compared two wellness brands- Nutrafol and our very own HairSmart- that are known for their holistic approaches to provide the most natural solutions for very real hair problems.

Comparing The Brands

Nutrafol offers their products in four distinct groups- Women, Women Balance, Postpartum, and Nutrafol Men. They now also offer a series of complementary products known as “Boosters” and “Scalp Support”. The main products, however, are nutraceuticals which are consumed in the form of pills. 

The company claims to use naturally-sourced ingredients to reduce hair loss, promote hair growth, and eliminate shedding.

 The brand now has one of the largest distribution channels in the community, and its latest acquisition in 2024 by Unilever promises even greater growth.

Pros of Nutrafol

  • An industry leader within the hair wellness space, with highly accessible products due to the large distribution channels.

  • All products are clinically approved and formed by physicians.

  • Their products are the #1 most recommended hair growth supplements by dermatologists.

  • The products contain nature-derived ingredients, such as horsetail extract and resveratrol, which have been proven to promote hair health.

Cons of Nutrafol

  • Extremely expensive. The supplements are priced at $88 USD for a monthly supply, which leads to an annual payment of over $1,000 USD.

  • Difficult to consume. The serving size for the main Nutrafol products are 4 pills daily, which are difficult to swallow and may cause discomfort.

  • Not plant-based. Unfortunately, Nutrafol’s products contain fish derived collagen, meaning the capsules are not suitable for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

  • Results take time. Most users report changes after an average of 6 months, which is timely and not the most pocket friendly.


HairSmart offers comprehensive, botanical solutions to a wide array of hair problems. These include hair loss and thinning at various stages, dryness and dullness, and split ends.

Launched in 2021, the brand was founded by a female founder who was personally motivated to find all-natural solutions for hair loss based on her Indian roots. The brand relies on the 5000 year old principles of Ayurveda- a natural system of medicine which brings balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

The brand blends ancient Ayurvedic principles with Western science, to offer the most holistic solutions to promote hair growth and overall hair health.

Pros of HairSmart

  • Offers a variety of natural solutions. If you’re not a fan of pills, the Grow Laser Cap or Grow Serum might be better options.

  • Provides budget friendly solutions. With products starting at only $29 USD, HairSmart offers more economical solutions when compared to other natural products on the market.

  • All products are clinically proven to promote hair growth and hair strength.

  • Utilizes the perfect blend of light therapy, Nutraceuticals, and Ayurveda to provide a well-rounded solution for hair health.

  • Eco-conscious and plant based. The ingredients used are all 100% plant based and come in recyclable packaging.

  • Promoted by the well-known experts from the hair wellness sphere. HairSmart products are backed by world-renowned physicians, such as Dr. Roy Stoller.

Cons of HairSmart

  • Limited distribution. It is currently only sold online on it’s website and amazon and a few providers and offline stores.

  • Relatively lesser known brand in the hair wellness sphere.

  • Focuses on results rather than heavy budget marketing, indicating that many people may have not heard of it yet.

What Makes HairSmart a head-to-head competitor of Nutrafol?

HairSmart’s Prices are Tough to Beat

    While both brands provide all-natural solutions for hair growth and strength, HairSmart offers effective products at budget-friendly prices. This means HairSmart products are a lot more economically accessible to the average American.

    In terms of price value, HairSmart is definitely recommended, as it gives more quantity for less cost. HairSmart vitamins cost $1.63 per day, whereas Nutrafol costs $2.93 per day for a month's supply.

    HairSmart’s Unique Product Offering Gives it a Competitive Edge

      HairSmart offers personalized packages for different stages of hair loss. For example, the Essential Package offers support to those experiencing very early stages of hair loss, while the GrowthX Package offers an advanced and comprehensive solution for those with very extreme hair loss.

      Nutrafol Vs HairSmart - Comparison Table 









      Per day Cost





      Ease of use

      4 a day

      3 a day


      Good for you, good for the environment, safe yet effective. No side-effects.

      No, it contains fish.



      Crucial ingredient in hair products; to promote keratin production and hair growth.

      3000 mcg

      5,000 mcg


      Essential for body

      A, C, D

      B, C, E

      Ayurvedic Ingredients

      Treat hair loss from root cause

      Ashwa & Turmeric only

      9 Ayurvedic medicinal plants (including Ashwa, Turmeric)

      Amino Acids

      Building block of hair


      3 amino acids

      6 amino acids

      Essential Minerals

      Besides Iodine and Zinc, the minerals Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium are also essential for hair growth and strength.

      Iodine and Zinc and Selenium

      Iodine, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Selenium


      Ease of Purchase

      Website, amazon and resellers

      Website, Amazon & Re-sellers

      HairSmart v/s Nutrafol: There’s a Clear Winner

      Both brands offer effective drug-free, all-natural solutions to combat hair loss. In fact, both brands utilize powerful blends of botanicals to really get to the root of the problem with no side effects.

      However, based on the analysis above, the verdict is clear:  HairSmart beats Nutrafol hands down on Price - $49 vs $88, Ease of Use - 3 a day vs 4 a day and most importantly - comprehensive list of ingredients. HairSmart Vitamin Supplement has daily multi + Amino acids + Essential minerals + Hair growth herbs + Ayurveda Herbs + Biotin. So it’s like 6 supplement bottles in one, saving you over $200 a month in various supplements. Finally - HairSmart company also has a diverse range of hair growth solutions which work as a whole.

      We hope this helps you make the smart hair decision of your life!

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