Warranty & Refund Policy

Warranty & Refund Policy

 ONLY the Grow Laser 272 is eligible for refund. All other products are not eligible for refund. If you have purchased any combination plan that includes the Grow Laser Cap - the Grow laser cap amount out of the total amount will be calculated and that will the be the starting point for calculation refund. 

  Eligibility for Refund on Grow Laser 272

 To be eligible for 6-month Satisfaction guarantee refund, the following conditions must be met. 


  • Before pictures shall be taken by the company representative or must be emailed by you to marketing@myhairsmart.com before or within 7 days of purchase; 
  • Follow up Consultation with hair expert must be attended before or within 7 days of purchase, between 50-60 days of purchase and between 100-120 days of purchase.  
  • Final Exit consultation must be attended before refund can be processed. 
  • Refund policy only for Retail consumers that buy directly on www.myhairsmart.com
  • A restocking fee of 25% will be deducted from your Grow Laser Purchase price




  • Grow Laser 272 comes with a 3 years warranty on the laser and 1 year on the battery pack. The warranty is honored directly by HairSmart Inc. on all purchased made directly on www.myhairsmart.com and on all purchases of Hairsmart Grow laser made through dealers/distributors/wholesalers and retailers in the USA only. For Grow laser cap purchased outside USA, pls go through your country’s distributor for support or service. 


In-warranty replacement/repair


  •  If your Grow Laser and battery pack are within the warranty period and there is a malfunction diagnosed by our tech team - any repair or replacement of your Grow laser cap 272 or battery pack will be done free of cost, including cost of shipping, both ways. 


Replacement/Repair outside Warranty


  • Cost of replacement battery outside of warranty period - USD $99 (including Shipping/Handling)*
  • Cost of replacement with refurbished Grow Laser Cap outside of warranty period USD 800 (Including shipping/handling)**
  • Cost of repair of Grow Laser Cap outside warranty period - TBD once we receive the unit. Shipping to be paid by Grow Laser Customer


*Will come with a one year replacement warranty

** Will come with a 2 year replacement warranty