Are You Suffering from Male Pattern Hair Loss?

80% of all men experience androgenetic or male pattern hair loss in their lifetime. The main reason for hair loss is Dihydrotestosterone -aka DHT. Many people are turning to prescription Finasteride, but at what cost?

The Solution? An effective & safe DHT Blocker

An Effective DHT Blocker blocks DHT, Prevent male pattern hair loss, and helps you keep the hair you have! HairSmart 100% Natural Protect DHT Blocker not only does that, but also does it without any possible scary sexual and emotional side-effects! Infact it is man’s most essential friend for a lifetime of confidence, joy, a full head of hair and a vibrant sexual life! Just look at these results:

Protect DHT Blocker: The #1 solution to treat male pattern hair loss

HairSmart Natural DHT Blocker uses clinically studied plant-based ingredients which are as effective, if not even more effective, in blocking DHT without the harmful side-effects!Studies have shown that these ingredients such as saw palmetto reduce 5-alpha reductase activity, and consequently, the levels of DHT in the hair follicles. Fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil, and stinging nettle and pygeum bark are extremely effective in inhibiting DHT as well.

Protect DHT Blocker: The #1 solution to treat male pattern hair loss


Our ingredients have serious firepower!

SAW PALMETTO BERRIES EXTRACT: Keep testosterone levels balanced. Saw palmetto has the power to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT, making it beneficial for hair growth

STINGING NETTLE ROOT: Several active compounds such as lectins, histamine, sterols, glycosides, polysaccharides, essential vitamins and minerals. They neutralize free radicals in the scalp and block DHT.

PUMPKIN SEED EXTRACT: Contains phytosterol beta-sitosterol that prevents conversion of hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha - reductase which converts testosterone to DHT.

CURCUMIN: Curcumin is considered an effective means to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth by decreasing high levels of DHT. Curcumin can combat hair loss because it has the ability to suppress abnormal androgen receptor (AR) expression.

PYGEUM BARK POWDER: It is an herbal supplement taken orally. It's well known as a potentially beneficial treatment for an enlarged prostate and prostatitis due to its DHT-blocking ability. Because of this, it's also thought to be a possible treatment for DHT-related hair loss.

BETA SITOSTEROL: Beta sitosterol is thought to prevent hair loss by inhibiting the production of the androgen DHT. DHT is the androgen responsible for male pattern baldness, and by stopping the production, hair loss should in turn stop or at least slow down.

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Our products and treatments are used by patients and physicians alike including these world-renown and well-respected physicians.


Dr. Roy Stoller, MD, FACS

"Low level laser therapy is the most critical treatment to help treat DHT related hair loss. HairSmart makes good quality laser caps and their service is excellent."


Dr.Jonathan Huber, MD

"Laser therapy is key to growing hair. We recommend them for every hair transplant patient and non-surgical patients."


Dr. Stanley Okoro, MD, MBA, F.A.C.S.

"HairSmart is a very robust comprehensive hair growth program! Many of my patients have seen dramatic results on it."


Dr.Judy Corbett, MD, FACOG

"My son and my head NP have both seen visible results with HairSmart. The laser cap with the products absolutely work. Highly recommend."


Dr. Piyush Kumar, MD

"We use the laser cap and the natural supplements in all our locations and the feedback is very promising."


Dr. Anthony Mollura, MD

"HairSmart laser caps and supplements are good quality and my patients are happy with the results and the price point."


Dr. Vineeta Keswani, MD

"We believe wholeheartedly in the comprehensive approach of HairSmart and we offer it to all our women with female pattern hair loss."


Dr. Ronald Shapiro, MD

"HairSmart laser caps and supplements are good quality and my patients are happy with the results and the price point."