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Prerna’s Hair Loss Issues Became Your Solution

Prerna Khemka

HairSmart Founder and President

HairSmart was founded in 2018 with one mission: To empower people by providing Complete, Effective and Clean Solutions for long-term Optimal hair wellness.

I have been a hair loss sufferer for 10 years and have founded HairSmart to provide a Systematic Approach to Optimal Hair Health. Not only is hair loss overwhelming, finding solutions is even more so. The market is fragmented and the internet is flooded with gimmicky products. Because there’s no quick fix to hair loss, you never really know what's working and what’s not.

Very few of us even realize that hair is just like the rest of our health. It needs care, treatment and a commitment. It has to become part of your lifestyle. And it’s never late to Start.

With HairSmart, I’ve combined my 8 year of experience in the Hair Loss treatment business and 10 years in Ayurveda to launch three HOLISTIC systems Protect, Repair & Grow.

Prerna’s Personal Journey from Hair Loss to Hair Health

A systematic approach to hair health

The HairSmart range is natural, drug-free, chemical-free and uses highest quality of clinically proven ingredients sourced from all over the world. Hairsmart is the world’s first company to combine Ayurveda + LLLT to create a powerful home-use, natural and safe product line.

To maintain optimal hair health and to regrow new hair, requires a 360 approach. We need to treat the root cause, actively help follicles regrow new hair & actively fight hair thinning. A comprehensive approach includes optimal Scalp health, halting and reversing miniaturization, boosting blood circulation, boosting follicular metabolism, reducing inflammation, pumping more nutritions in the blood supply, improving nutrient absorption by the cell, inducing and prolonging the growth phase of the follicle and fighting cell decay among other things.

With HairSmart we address all the facets of hair health. Each system is designed to give you everything you need in one place so you never have to go anywhere again for your hair wellness.

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