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Terms & Conditions for 6 month satisfaction or 100% money back Refund Policy:  

ONLY Retail purchases made by end-consumers for their individual use is eligible for refund.

Wholesale purchases - more than 1 Grow Laser on one order OR at a wholesale prices, defined as less than 75% of the retail price are not eligible for this refund policy.

Any other product outside of the Grow Laser 272 is not eligible for a refund.


To be eligible for 6 month Satisfaction guarantee refund, the following conditions must be met.

Before pictures to be taken per company guidelines by laser cap user and to be emailed to marketing@myhairsmart.com within 7 days of purchase; 

*Consultation with hair expert needs to be scheduled and attended at 0, 2, and 4 months and 6 months.

*HairSmart Grow Lasercap to be used atleast 5 days every week for 6 months. 

*Final Exit consultation must be attended before refund can be processed. 

*Refund available on Grow Laser 272 only. Other products not eligible for refund.

*Refund policy only for Retail consumers that buy directly on www.myhairsmart.com


Gro Laser 272 comes with a 2 year warranty on the laser and 1 year on the battery pack. The warranty is honored directly by HairSmart Inc. on all purchased made directly on www.myhairsmart.com and on all purchases of Hairsmart Gro laser made through dealers/distributors/wholesalers and retailers in the USA only. For Gro laser cap purchased outside USA, pls go through your country’s distributor for support or service. 


If any product part or the whole product is found faulty within warranty period, a proper diagnosis will be done for the laser cap and a free replacement based on the diagnosis will be shipped to the end user.