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“Grow Laser 272 Low Level Laser Hair Therapy”

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Be you. Be 100%. Be HairSmart.

After years of struggling with hair thinning, Senior Software Exec and Famous Meditation teacher Mr. Karthk K finally decided to try HairSmart. In just 3 months of using HairSmart, he is seeing astonishing results!

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Dr. Roy Stoller

“HairSmart is one of the most effective and comprehensive hair loss solutions in the market today.”

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Dr. Ken Williams

“LLLT is a very successful, safe and reliable therapy for treating early to moderate stages of hair loss in both men & women.”

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Dr. Russell Knudsen

“I believe Laser cap has the potential to become the most effective hair loss treatment at home.”

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“Laser hair therapy explained on Channel 13”

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“Dr. angela Phipps - Low level light therapy works! ”

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“Dr. Homai Cupala gets excellent results in just 10 weeks!”

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Ms. Hillary D

“An amazing product. Easy to use and to carry with me on my business trips! I don’t miss a single day!”

Mr. Sunny P

“It’s been a never-ending struggle to find a natural DHT blocker. With HairSmart - everything is in one place and it’s all natural”

Ms Maria C

“Beautiful hair is such an integral part of mexican culture. I am so happy with HairSmart products. They are wonderful!”

Dr. Homai C.

“In just 10 weeks, my hair fall has stopped and my hair has become stronger. I am excited to use the Grow Laser Cap and get better results in a few more months. ”

Ms. Sara R

“HairSmart’s plant based range is seriously the bomb. I can’t believe i had been putting so much crap in my body until I switched to HairSmart Vitamins.”

Ms. Nancy R

“I bought HS Laser, vitamin and DHT blocker and the results are simply too good to be true.”

Ms. Sonia K

“I am in my early thirties and have severe hair loss. It makes me self-conscious wherever I go and it’s always the first thing I notice in my pictures. I purchased the Grow Laser Cap and in just a few months, I have gained my hair and confidence back. ”

Ms. Rachel N

“I am in my forties and my hair volume has decreased drastically over the years. My husband gifted me the Grow Laser Cap a few months ago. I was skeptical at first, but in just over 2 months, I could feel the difference. My hair feels stronger, thicker and so much healthier than it has in a long time. I love brushing my hair now and love how I feel when I look in the mirror. ”

Mr. Jonathan A

“My girl friend noticed my hair thinning and it made me realize how much hair I had lost over the years. I have been using the Grow laser cap for about 8 months now and it is seriously the best investment i could have made for my appearance.”

Roger A, LA

“Great Product and it works well. I highly recommend it. ”

Ms. Jenna K, Miami

“I got great results from the products and many of my family members have now purchased the Grow Laser cap on my recommendation as well! ”

Mr. Karthik K

HairSmart laser cap works! I am very impressed with the integrity and values of the company. They are truly committed to delivering results with the best quality plant-based ingredients. I recommend these products to all my friends and family!

Mr. Haresh R

HairSmart laser cap is very effective product. Using it since 6 months and have seen my crown and front hair line fill in.

Ms Brenda L

I am in my late fifties and one of the many side-effects of menopause was massive hair thinning. Already bummed about the weight gain, i now was even more uspet. My husband researched online and found the LLLT helps with female androgenic alopecia as well. So I decided to give it a try. Excited to report that in just 3 months, I see a huge change in my hair. I can no longer see my scalp! and I wear less hats now!

Mr. Man K

Amazing results. The best hair growth products I have tried! Love the fact that they are all plant-based, and come in beautiful eco-friendly packaging.

Mr. John H

I lost a lot of hair after my divorce. Getting back in the game was even harder because I was not even looking my best. HairSmart has truly helped me not only get my hair back, but along with it my self-confidence, and my dating A-game!

Mr. Scott R

My dad was bald in his late forties, so I was alarmed when I started loosing hair in college itself. I seriously was so freaked out that my grades dropped that semester. A friend recommended HairSmart Grow Laser and I asked for that as a Christmas Gift. It was easy to use, and by the 4th month of use, I noticed my hair felt fuller again. I am never going to stop using the laser cap. Just purchased the vitamins. Excited to try them out!

Mr. Sasha K

Years of braiding has caused serious bald spots and it’s so embarrassing that I hardly ever comb by hair back now. I was unsure if laser cap would work on black skin. It had a 6 month return guarantee, so I decided to give it a try. I am so so so happy that I did. because i can honestly say that my hair has never felt this healthy and strong my entire life. the breakage has stopped, and i can see new hair growth in my hair line which has receded almost 3 inches back. I have recommended HairSmart to all my girlfriends and I have stopped harsh styling as well!

Ms. Ana T

HairSmart Laser works! I love how my hair looks and feels! it makes me happy everyday knowing i look amazing!