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Maintain + Enhance + Prevent

100% Natural DHT Blocker for both men & women I Blocks DHT from shrinking the hair follicles I Activates future hair growth I Drug-free alternative to finasteride.

Say “Yes” to hair, Say “No” to side-effects.

  • ALL NATURAL: 100% Plant-based DHT Blocker that addresses the actual ROOT cause of hair loss: DHT Androgen
  • Blocks: the DHT from binding to 5-AR receptors and prevent shrinking of follicles
  • STOPS: the shortening of the hair growth cycle.
  • SAFER ALTERNATIVE: It is a Drug-Free alternative, free from finasteride, a DHT INHIBITOR drug which decreases sex drive.
  • WONDER INGREDIENTS: It consists of Saw Palmetto berries Extract which keeps testosterone levels balanced, Stinging Nettle Root which helps in neutralizing free radicals in scalp and Block DHT, Green Tea Extract, which helps in circulating hor...

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  • All Natural

  • Powerful DHT Blocker

  • Alternate To Finasteride

About HairSmart Protect for prevention

100% natural DHT Blocker with combination herbs, that not only block and inhibit DHT, but also improve blood circulation, improve metabolism, reduce stress, provide body with essential minerals and neutralize free radicals. Natural, Drug-Free alternate to finasteride. Say yes to hair, Say No to side-effects.


All Natural:It is a 100% Natural plant based DHT Blocker made with a combination of herbs and essential minerals that is not only effective but safe and free of harmful sexual side-effects.

Health Benefits:This supplement boosts your immunity. It reduces Stress, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, neutralizes free radicals.

Safer Alternative:It is a Drug-Free alternative, free from finasteride, a drug which decreases sex drive.

Wonder Ingredients:It consists of Saw Palmetto berries Extract which keeps testosterone levels balanced, Stinging Nettle Root which helps in neutralizing free radicals in scalp and Block DTH, Green Tea Extract, that helps in circulating hormones and blood flow, pumpkin seed extract which increases hair count by 40% and pygeum bark, rich in phytosterols, which is beneficial in blocking DHT production.



Help in hair loss because they keep testosterone levels balanced. Saw palmetto has the power to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT, making it beneficial for hair growth


It is an herbal supplement taken orally. It's well known as a potentially beneficial treatment for an enlarged prostate and prostatitis due to its DHT-blocking ability. Because of this, it's also thought to be a possible treatment for DHT-related hair loss


Contains phytosterol beta-sitosterol that prevents conversion of hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha- reductase which converts testosterone to DHT


Comprises of several active compounds such as lectins, histamine, sterols, glycosides, polysaccharides, essential vitamins and minerals. They neutralize free radicals in scalp and block DHT


Leaf extract contain nimbin, nimbinene, nimbandiol that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem has egenerating properties that trigger scalp functioning and ensures hair regrowth.


Helps in circulating hormones and blood flow within the body which improves overall health. A healthy body and scalp results in healthier hair follicle stimulation as well as hair growth

dr. roy stoller

World-renowned hair-loss doctor

Physicians Recommend HairSmart
for hair loss treatment

Top NYC Hair Surgeon explains why comprehensive systems work much better than individual products. HairSmart is the world's fully integrated as well as drug-free hair growth range.

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United States
I recommend this product

Best All Natural DHT blocker. Easy to s Willow capsules.

Happy to have all natural blockers

United States United States

Very Happy with DHT Blocker

I have been taking the DHT Blocker along with the Repair Vitamin for over 2 years and I am extremely satisfied with the results. It has definitely helped in strengthening and maintaining my hair.

Alexander M.
United States United States

Definitely helpful

Hi, I have been using this for almost 2 months now, and am definitely satisfied with the results. I can tell a difference in my hair and this has helped me slow down my hair fall. I will be definitely subscribing.

Chris B.
United States United States

Great Quality

I have been using the DHT Blocker for 2 months now and I can see great results. My hair loss has went down to a great extent. I had rough and dry hair initially but it feels more thick and strong after using this product. My son recommended me the DHT Blocker after he used it for 3 months. What I really like about this product is that it has natural ingredients and no side-effects. Would highly recommend for people suffering through hair loss!

United States United States

Feeling great about my hair

I have been using the Lasercap + vitamin for a while now, and the results have been great. My hair is thicker and the thinning/balding in the temples and hair line is now full of hair. I get compliments on it all the time.

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How to use it ?

2 tablets daily - Preferably after a meal.

How long does it take to see results?

It takes 5-6 months on an average to see visible results.

How does this work?

It improves blood circulations, metabolism, neutralized free radicals, reduce stress and blocks DHT from binding to the hair follicle receptors.

Is it beneficial to take DHT Blocker Tablets?

It is 100% Natural plant based product made with a combination of herbs and essential minerals that is not only effective but safe and free of harmful sexual side-effects.

Are here any side effect of DHT Blocker?

No, HS DHT Blocker has no side effect. It is 100% Plant-based , made of pumpkin seed extract, saw palmetto berries extract, pygeum bark powder, stinging nettle root, green tea extract and phytosterols that naturally inbhibit the conversion of DHT and also block them from clogging up the nutrition receptors of the hair follicles.

What is the Difference between DHT Blocker and Vitamin?

Vitamin :-
It is powerful comprehensive hair food which is 100% natural and helps in revitalizing thin hair, strengthens roots and promotes hair growth. It works on hair health, hair regrowth, Improves density, reduce hair fall and stabilizes hair loss.

DHT Blocker :-
It is 100% natural and helps in preventing DHT related hair loss - the #1 cause of hair loss.

So, one (DHT blocler) is preventing hair loss by protecting against the bad guys and the other (Vitamin) is providing and nourishing the hair follicle by giving it more nourishment and enable strength and growth.

The two work on entirely different mechanism of actions, which is why both when taken together and synergistic results. Since they conplement each other so well.