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Unlocking 13 Simple Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

Written by: Prerna Khemka



Wondering how you can transform your hair into a healthier, fuller version of itself? Here are the secrets for healthy hair. We have good news for you. Hair care doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You’ve probably heard all about the hair care habits to avoid, but there are so many better habits that you can incorporate to let your hair shine.

These simple tips can be added into your daily routine, with a promise of noticing immediate changes.

Best Hair Care Habits

Some of these tips are so simple that you may think, “well, duh”. As simple as they are, however, it’s surprising how often they are completely overlooked.

1. Use Natural Ways to Color Your Hair

Rather than use dyes with the dreaded hair adversary ammonia, stick to using natural dyes that are known to be gentle.

Henna is a plant extract that is commonly used to naturally dye hair red. To avoid drying your hair when using it, you can add eggs or full fat yogurt to the mix to make the henna mixture deeply conditioning.

Now, we understand that not everyone wants to redden their hair. There are other natural or ammonia free hair dyes that could be used instead, but it is recommended to reduce the frequency of use as much as possible. You can reduce your need for root touch ups by using a root touch up and keratin fiber spray. If you aren’t coloring to cover up gray hairs, try your best to avoid dyeing the hair closest to your scalp (as much as you can).

2. Change the Appearance of Your Hair Naturally

It’s common to want to change the appearance of your hair. You may get bored of seeing the same curls every day, just as you may feel like you need to zhuzh up your sleek, straight look.

Instead of reaching for the hair straightener or curler, you may be pleased to know that there are simple, natural ways to change the appearance of your hair.

To naturally straighten your hair, you can try wrapping your hair tightly across your head with bobby pins and a hair turban before you sleep at night. There are tons of useful Youtube tutorials for this. You can also try a hot oil treatment to nourish and condition your hair.

On the other hand, to naturally curl your hair, you can try using hair rollers or overnight braids.

pretty black woman with curls

3. Use Wide Tooth Combs and Brushes

Regular combs seem harmless enough, but they have been shown to cause damage and split ends to hair over the long run. To avoid tears and breakage, swap your regular brush for a wide tooth comb.

These types of combs have wide spacing in between teeth, which eliminates any tearing or stress that may be induced with regular hair combing. Wide tooth combs detangle hair easily, reduce split ends, prevent hair breakage, and are extremely gentle on the scalp. Have you thrown your brush out the window yet?

wide tooth comb

4. Use pH Balancing Shampoos and Conditioners

Every shampoo brand will make the claim that their products are great for strengthening and conditioning hair- but this isn’t always the case. In fact, many of these shampoos and conditioners contain harmful ingredients that strip your hair of its natural oils and dry it out.

Some of these harmful ingredients include parabens, sulfates, perfumes, and synthetic colors. To avoid them, opt for a more natural hairsmart shampoo and hairsmart conditioner. To make the most of your showers, ensure that your shampoo contains natural Ayurvedic herbs and extracts to deeply nourish your hair and boost its vitality.

ph balancing shampoo

Once you’ve got those good shampoos in hand, ensure that you place the shampoo on your scalp and head, then lather the rest towards your ends. As for conditioner, place it on your ends first and then skim it over the rest of your hair.

5. Brush Your Hair From the Bottom Up

When the topic of brushing hair is concerned, a common misconception is to brush and detangle hair from the top to the bottom. This can actually cause breakage to your hair as it pulls and tugs at your hair follicles.

Instead, focus on dividing your hair into sections and brushing from the bottom while you work your way to the top.

combing tips

6. Use Heat Protecting Products

We’ve mentioned natural ways to straighten and curl your hair but, let’s be real at some point you may want to reach for that hair straightener.

We won’t shame you for it as you’re only human, but it’s definitely recommended to apply a heat protecting product such as a hair grow serum, before you apply heat to your hair.

hair grow serum

7. Go for Frequent Trims and Cuts

Are you letting those split ends add up? We understand how difficult it might be to chop up even the slightest bit of hair, but a hair trim will definitely give your hair something to thank you for.

Not only does it remove annoying split ends, but it also prevents further breakage which promotes healthier and fuller looking hair.

Hair being cut with scissors

8. Take a Nutraceutical Supplement

Hair care doesn’t just constitute topical applications. It’s extremely crucial to nourish your hair from within- hence the need for a nutraceutical supplement. Ideally, this supplement would contain a host of nutrients such as fatty acids, biotin, amino acids, and powerful Ayurvedic herbs to tackle your hair needs from every angle.

9. Use a Hair Oil

To achieve that, sleek look, use hairsmart repair oil as a part of your weekly hair care regimen. Specific hair oils will deeply condition and nourish the hair and can serve as a natural hair mask for lustrous locks.

10. Use Humidifiers

You may find that your hair dries out during extreme temperatures, especially during those cold winter months. Fortunately, a humidifier is a great natural way to help your hair lock in some moisture and retain that healthy, shiny appearance. The extra moisture also helps soothe your scalp, reducing any irritation or flakiness.

11. Use Silk Pillow Cases

If you really want to give your hair a treat, you may consider investing in a high quality silk pillowcase. Silk is super smooth- meaning that your hair can glide over the pillowcase without experiencing any friction as you sleep. This ultimately leads to less hair damage and helps you avoid waking up to that frizzy look in the morning. Silk is also less porous than cotton, meaning it absorbs less moisture from your hair- keeping it conditioned and lustrous.

12. Feed Your Hair Right

Your hair will be supported with the right diet, as the nutrients you consume will affect the strength and vitality of your hair follicles. A balanced diet with appropriate amounts of macro and micronutrients will nourish your hair from within.

13. Follow the Rule of Thumb: Less is More

Finally, when it comes to caring for hair, the general rule of thumb is that less is more. Less processing, heat, and styling products means more health for your hair. We understand that it’s impossible to avoid doing these at all times, so just practice the art of moderation and your hair will thank you for it.


To sum it up, if you want shiny hair, make these 13 habits part of your routine. Eat well, use the right products, and be gentle with your hair. Avoid excessive heat and stay hydrated. Consistency is crucial. By doing these simple things every day, you're not just making your hair look good – you're keeping it fit for the long run. So, embrace these habits, and enjoy the confidence that comes with having gorgeous, shiny hair.

Prerna Khemka

Prerna Khemka

Our founder, Prerna Khemka, confronted hair loss in her twenties. Fueled by a profound passion for Ayurveda and equipped with insights from Western technology, she embarked on a transformative odyssey. Determined to find a solution that resonated with her cultural roots, Prerna delved into extensive research and innovation. The result? A line of clean, effective products that not only revived her own hair but also empowered countless others facing similar challenges.