Benefits of Hair & Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

We all know how relaxing a hot oil scalp massage could be, and while you may be getting this massage for numerous reasons, recent research and anecdotal evidence have shed light on another exciting potential benefit: hair growth. Can something so relaxing and heavenly also induce the growth of luscious, healthy hair? Let’s find out!

In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the wondrous world of scalp oil massages, and studying the claim that they can induce hair growth.

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What is a Hair & Scalp Oil Massage?

But first, what exactly is a hair oil massage? This gentle form of massage occurs around the head and neck area. Traditionally, warm oil is applied and massaged into and around the scalp area to reduce any tensions and increase blood circulation.

Scalp massages are given for a variety of reasons. These include to reduce stress, ease migraines and headaches, to relax the neck, and for its potential to promote hair growth.

Benefits of Hair Oil: The Research

According to a 2019 study, scalp massages can indeed induce hair thickness and prevent further hair thinning. In this study, 340 participants were asked to perform a standardized scalp massage twice a day over the span of a few months. An estimated 70% of these respondents reported experiencing hair loss stabilization and regrowth of new hair. Even more surprising was the time it took for the hair regrowth to occur, which was reported at an average of 36 hours of scalp massage time.

Another study, completed in 2016, also reinforces the claim. 9 subjects received 4 minutes of a standardized scalp massage every day for 24 weeks, and the results were astounding: after just 24 weeks, these subjects witnessed significant changes in hair thickness.

So what about hair oil? A high quality study carried out over a period of 7 months had subjects with alopecia massage herbal oils into their scalps. The research astonishingly found that, compared to the control group, the test subjects had experienced significant hair growth, which was attributed to the hair oils.

So what’s the science behind it? There are two reasons why hot oil scalp massages may stimulate hair growth. The first and most apparent reason is that the circular motions of the massage itself increase blood circulation to the scalp, meaning that more nutrients can be delivered to the hair follicles. The second reason, highlighted by the studies above, is that scalp oil massages have also been shown to stretch and dilate the hair follicles, thereby stimulating further hair growth.

So yes, it does sound too good, but it is also true!

How To Perform Oil Treatment for Your Hair & Scalp

Since the research supports the claim, we’re certain you’re ready to jump on the hair oil massage bandwagon. Hop on!

Step 1: Find Somewhere to Relax

This just might be the most important part! Tensing up due to discomfort will be counterproductive, so we recommend finding a comfortable and relaxing place. Put on some peaceful music if you’d like!

Step 2: Dip Your Fingers Into Hair Oil

For scalp massages to work effectively, dip your fingers into a hair oil to maximize your hair growing potential. While there are many hair oils in the market, some work better than others at promoting hair growth. Keep your eyes peeled for the next section!

Step 3: Use Your Fingers to Begin The Massage

After applying the oil, use your fingers to apply slight pressure as you move across your scalp, front to back and in circular motions. Perform this action for at least 5 minutes daily, or as necessary.

Step 4: Leave the oil in as a moisturizer if you have dry/curly/frizzy hair.
Step 5: Leave it in for a few hours and wash off.

HairSmart Tip: For enhanced results, try a hot towel turban therapy and then wash off, or keep it overnight then wash off with shampoo.

Step 6: Stay consistent.

Make this a once or twice a week ritual. Hair Oil treatment is a 5000 year old ritual from India where sisters, mothers or grandmothers apply oil to your hair, while you share heart-to-hearts and stories from the past! It is self-care which will not only heal your soul, but also relax your nerves and help you get a goodnight's sleep. Try to create a ritual around this, which you will look forward to all week!

Best Hair Oils for Scalp Massages

Now that you know how to give yourself a scalp massage, it is best to choose the right hair oil to optimize the hair growth. Not only will this strengthen your hair follicles, but a good hair oil will also provide ample nutrition to ensure that your hair grows healthy and strong.

Instead of using a simple carrier oil, such as coconut or almond, you may want to consider oils that have been specifically created for hair growth. Better yet, hair oils that contain pure, 100% natural extracts of botanical herbs such as amla, brahmi, and bhringraj might be the best pick. This is because these specific Ayurvedic herbs have also been shown to stimulate hair growth and improve overall hair health- so why not make the most of your scalp massage?

A great example of this are these Protect and Repair oils, which have been specifically designed to prevent hair loss, strengthen and improve hair texture, and promote hair growth. The rich oils are infused with a powerful blend of Ayurvedic hair growth herbs so that your scalp massage is the most effective it could ever be. This truly sounds like the best of both worlds!

Ready for Your Scalp Massage?

According to our meticulous research, it’s been determined that the buzz around scalp massages is in fact warranted. The fact that it’s a soothing, relaxing action that can be easily performed at home makes it a really tempting solution for hair growth.

And, in the hypothetical scenario that scalp massages don’t actually work? Well, at least you would have given yourself a nice treat from the comfort of your own home, while still benefiting from the nutritious and supportive hair oils.