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Ayurveda, Hair Loss & Hair Care: Everything you need to know!

Written by: prerna khemka


Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system originating from India, offers a profound approach to overall well-being, including hair care. This article explores the benefits of Ayurvedic practices for nurturing healthy and vibrant hair.

Understanding Ayurveda, Hair Loss and Hair Health

Ayurveda which is a word combining 'Ayur - Life' and 'Veda - Science'  literally means the  "science of life" It is a comprehensive system of medicine that believes each human has a certain prakriti - a body-mind nature which is determined by the composition/ratio of the five elements in that individual. 

In Ayurveda, hair health is considered a reflection of overall well-being. When the body is in balance, i.e. the doshas are in balance the hair thrives, appearing lustrous, strong, and vibrant. However, imbalances in the Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – can disrupt this harmony, leading to various hair concerns.

Let's learn how the dosha impact hair. 

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  • Vata Dosha, characterized by qualities of dryness, coldness, and mobility, governs movements in the body, including blood circulation to the scalp. An excess of Vata can lead to dry, brittle hair prone to breakage and split ends.

  • Pitta Dosha, associated with qualities of heat, intensity, and transformation, governs metabolic processes in the body. When Pitta is aggravated, it results in hair loss, and also leads to hair thinning, dandruff and premature graying.

  • Kapha Dosha, characterized by qualities of heaviness, coldness, and stability, governs structure and lubrication in the body. An excess of Kapha can result in oily scalp, clogged hair follicles, and sluggish hair growth.

Understanding one's unique Dosha constitution and addressing imbalances through diet, lifestyle, and targeted therapies is fundamental in Ayurveda for achieving optimal hair health.

Ayurvedic Hair Care Routine

Oil Massage (Abhyanga)

Ayurvedic oil massage, known as Abhyanga, is a cornerstone of hair care. Regular SCALP MASSAGES called 'shiro-abhyangam' using nourishing AYURVEDIC OILS  like coconut, almond, bhringaraj, amla or Brahmi oil stimulate blood circulation, strengthen hair roots, and deeply moisturize the scalp, promoting overall hair health and growth. It is the easiest and most nourishing ritual that you can incorporate once weekly at home for your hair that will go a long way in self-care, stress-relief and stopping hair-fall.

To learn more on how to do an ayurvedic hair oil massage and the benefits, CLICK HERE. 

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Herbal Hair Cleansers

Unlike commercial shampoos laden with harsh chemicals, Ayurveda advocates for natural cleansers such as Anantmoo, Neem, Reetha and Amla. These botanical ingredients cleanse the scalp effectively while preserving its natural oils, leaving hair clean, soft, and free from chemical residues.

Anantmool deserves special mention as it is a plant-derived hormone that is known for its cooling and soothing properties. Most hair loss is a result of pitta dosha in imbalance. Pitta dosha can also be understood as an excess fire/heat in the body, and inflammation, Anantmool helps cool the scalp down and helps in reducing the inflammation of the skin and the helps reduce the heat element which greatly helps in reducing hair fall. 

Ayurvedic Diet for Hair Health

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients for maintaining healthy hair. Foods like leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and fruits are particularly beneficial, providing vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicles from within, promoting strength, shine, and resilience. For complete list of what foods to eat for best hair, read our blog on top foods for healthy hair. At HairSmart, our CEO's personal favorite food is the Ayurvedic Khichdi - a simple to prepare, yet extremely delicious indian porridge-type dish which can be personalized a million ways. Most importantly - it is nourishing, filling and tri-dosha balancing, meaning it balances all doshas and brings harmony in the body and the mind!  

We understand that in the modern day lifestyle, it is challenging to manage stress, eat right and find the balance, So, we have created H5 Growth+  supplement, It is a complete supplement which has all the ayurvedic powerhouse herbs, and the essential vitamins, mineral and amino acids required for healthy functioning of the body, mind and Hair! 

H5 stands for 5 mighty component groups: Essential Vitamins, Essential Minerals - Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Seleniun, Biotin, Amino Acids (building blocks for hair) & Ayurvedic Herbs (9 powerful herbs known to transform your health!)  So, this can be your ONE go-to fundamental supplement you take for your overall health, AND your hair skin and nails, making it convenient, easy and affordable to stay on top of your health! 

While the following ayurvedic herbs are extremely well known and wellstudied for their overall impact on the body's health, we have specifically outlined how they help with hair.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair


also known as Bacopa monnieri, is revered in Ayurveda for its cognitive-enhancing properties. When applied topically or consumed internally, Brahmi nourishes the scalp, strengthens hair roots, and promotes hair growth, making it a valuable herb for maintaining healthy hair.



with its potent antimicrobial properties, is a boon for scalp health in Ayurveda. It effectively combats scalp infections, soothes irritation, and controls dandruff, promoting a clean and healthy scalp environment conducive to hair growth.



also known as "king of herbs" in Ayurveda, is renowned for its hair-strengthening and regenerative properties. Regular use of Bhringraj oil or powder promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, and alleviates scalp conditions like dandruff and itchiness.



Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is revered in Ayurveda for its unparalleled benefits for hair health. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Amla strengthens hair follicles, prevents premature graying, and imparts a natural shine to the hair, making it an indispensable ingredient in Ayurvedic hair care formulations.


Ashwagandha, known for its adaptogenic properties, helps alleviate stress and balances hormonal levels, which are crucial factors influencing hair health. Incorporating Ashwagandha into your diet or using it topically can promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.


Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it beneficial for maintaining a healthy scalp. It can help soothe scalp conditions like dandruff and itching while promoting hair growth and adding luster to the hair.


Fenugreek seeds are rich in proteins and nicotinic acid, which are essential for stimulating hair growth and strengthening hair follicles. Using fenugreek paste or oil regularly can prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, and improve overall hair texture.

Natural Ayurvedic Hair Masks

Harnessing the power of Ayurvedic ingredients like henna, yogurt, and honey, DIY hair masks offer a natural and effective solution to various hair concerns. From nourishing dry and damaged hair to enhancing natural highlights, these homemade treatments cater to diverse hair needs without the use of harmful chemicals.

For most of us busy bees, we strongly recommend using the HS ayurvedic therapy hair oil as a weekly hair mask. Simply warm up some oil and massage it well onto your hair and scalp. Then ring a towel in extremely hot water and wrap your hair in it, like a turban. This turban therapy with the moist heat will further help the oil penetrate into the scalp and get to the roots of the hair. 

Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then wash your hair. 

You will see visible change in just one Deep conditioning mask treatment! However, for  anti-hair fall, reversal of premature graying and split-ends and to repair damaged hair - Do this for a few months to see results! 

Managing Hair Problems with Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides holistic remedies for common hair issues such as hair fall, dandruff, and premature graying. By addressing underlying imbalances through personalized treatments, Ayurvedic approaches not only alleviate symptoms but also restore hair to its optimal health and vitality.

 If you are able to, consider seeking the help of an ayurvedic practitioner to help give you some remedies to. balance out your doshas. A good effective ayurvedic remedy that works to balance all doshas is Triphala - commonly available in powder and capsule form on various online and offline platforms. 

Lifestyle Practices for Healthy Hair

In addition to external care, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of lifestyle practices for maintaining healthy hair. Stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation, along with sufficient sleep, play a crucial role in preserving hair health and preventing issues like hair loss and dullness. 

Simple act of alternate nostril breathing for 5 minutes a day goes a long way in reducing stress and bringing in harmony! We recommend drinking lots of water and aligning your routine with the circadian rhythms for extra benefits!  

Avoiding Harmful Practices

Ayurveda discourages harmful hair care practices that compromise hair integrity and vitality. Excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, and harsh brushing can damage the hair cuticle, leading to breakage, split ends, and overall deterioration of hair quality.

We understand that styling, coloring and treatments are not avoidable but try to opt for gentle options and gentler formulations and be aware of what you are using in terms of tools and chemicals.  every little bit helps. 

Importance of Regular Care

Consistency is key in Ayurvedic hair care. By incorporating Ayurvedic practices into daily routines, individuals can nurture their hair consistently over time, reaping the cumulative benefits of nourishment, strength, and resilience. Just as with any aspect of health and wellness, regular care ensures that hair remains healthy and vibrant in the long run.


Incorporating Ayurvedic practices into one's hair care regimen offers a holistic approach to nurturing healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. By embracing the wisdom of Ayurveda, individuals can cultivate a deeper connection with their hair and honor its natural beauty, while also promoting overall well-being in harmony with nature's principles.

Prerna Khemka


Prerna Khemka

Our founder, Prerna Khemka, confronted hair loss in her twenties. Fueled by a profound passion for Ayurveda and equipped with insights from Western technology, she embarked on a transformative odyssey. Determined to find a solution that resonated with her cultural roots, Prerna delved into extensive research and innovation. The result? A line of clean, effective products that not only revived her own hair but also empowered countless others facing similar challenges.