Hair Loss Recovery Amidst Hair Relaxer Lawsuit

HairSmart & Dr. Stanley Okoro Leads the Charge in Hair Loss Recovery Amidst Hair Relaxer Lawsuit

Written by: prerna khemka


Highland Heights, OH – In the wake of a groundbreaking Hair Relaxer Lawsuit against major hair relaxer manufacturers, HairSmart is at the forefront of natural-based products, providing effective and innovative solutions for hair loss recovery among Black women. As the lawsuit brings to light the damaging effects of certain hair relaxer products, HairSmart’s commitment to restoring and maintaining healthy hair with natural ingredients has never been more relevant.

What is in Many Hair Relaxers that led to the Hair Relaxer Lawsuit?

The lawsuit alleges that numerous hair relaxer products, commonly marketed towards Black women, contain harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, calcium hydroxide, formaldehyde, and parabens. These chemicals can lead to severe scalp damage, hair loss, and even long-term health issues such as cancer. This case has sparked a national conversation about the safety of these products and the need for safer, more effective hair care solutions.

Applying a few drops of HairSmart Grow Serum can significantly shield your hair from the drying effects of Holi colors. This serum, tailored to strengthen and protect your hair, ensures that your celebration does not come at the cost of hair health.

Dr. Stanley Okoro, Medical Director of Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a renowned Black hair restoration Plastic Surgeon and a key partner of HairSmart, has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of these products on his patients. "Sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, is a potent chemical that can break down hair proteins, leading to weakened hair shafts and significant hair loss," explains Dr. Okoro.

"Guanidine carbonate and calcium hydroxide, found in no-lye relaxers, can also cause similar damage. These chemicals alter the hair's natural structure, resulting in brittleness and breakage. Formaldehyde, often used in keratin treatments, is a known carcinogen and can cause severe allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Parabens, used as preservatives, have been linked to endocrine disruption and an increased risk of cancer."

Dr Stanley Okoro

"For years, my practice has been dedicated to helping Black women regain their confidence and health through effective hair restoration techniques," says Dr. Okoro. "HairSmart has been instrumental in providing the resources and products we need to treat hair loss caused by these damaging relaxers."

HairSmart's approach to hair care is rooted in addressing the unique needs of Black hair. Their products are free from harsh chemicals, using plant-based ingredients to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, promoting natural hair growth and restoration.

HairSmart in the Marketplace

Ms. Nonditchao, a leading Black salon owner in Cleveland, Ohio, shares her experience:

"There is an insane amount of pressure we feel as African American women to look good, to fit into a certain standard of beauty, and even for professional success. Both my clients and I have firsthand experienced the damage and breakage, including bald spots, due to harsh chemicals found in hair relaxers and excessive harsh hair styling common in our community.

However, now I know better. Since becoming a salon owner, I not only educate my clients on safer and more protective hairstyles, but we have created a community that champions natural hair and beauty. I have made it my life's mission to help women feel more comfortable and confident in their natural curly hair and find products that enhance and repair their existing hair rather than suppress who they are. HairSmart, from their Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Oil, to their Growth X Program with the light therapy cap, has been instrumental in recovering hair in bald spots, and repairing damaged hair."

Selecting natural, organic colors for Holi can significantly reduce the risk of chemical damage. Post-celebration, treating your hair with the right products is crucial. The HairSmart Root Scalp Hair Therapy Shampoo and HairSmart Restorative Conditioner are specially formulated to cleanse gently and nourish your hair, helping to repair and restore its natural moisture, strength and shine after exposure to harsh colors. They also help cool down the irritated and dry scalp and to restore and maintain the PH balance. The HairSmart Shampoo is gentle enough to use repeatedly to get the colors out of your hair without overly drying or stripping it.

HairSmart's Founders Personal Journey

Prerna Khemka, the founder of HairSmart, shares her vision and personal journey: "As a woman of color and someone who struggled with hair loss and damage, I founded HairSmart with the mission to provide safe, effective, and natural hair care solutions. I stand with women of color, encouraging them to embrace who they are.

Modern beauty needs to be clean and sustainable, and brands have an ethical responsibility to inspire self-confidence and enhance people's natural beauty, rather than make them want to alter who they are completely. Our goal at HairSmart is to empower women by providing products that support their health and beauty without compromising their safety AND by helping women and men bring out and enhance their natural looks."

Founder Prerna Khemka

HairSmart’s natural ingredients work with the human body to stimulate the ultimate environment for hair growth and restoration. Using a blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs, such as Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj. These herbs are known for their ability to strengthen hair follicles, promote hair growth, and restore damaged hair and are found in many of their products such as their 100% Natural Hair Oil and Serum, Sulfate and Paraben-Free Shampoo & Conditioner and natural, Plant-Based supplements.

In addition to a full range of product offerings, HairSmart provides educational resources through its website and social media channels. These resources aim to educate women about the importance of proper hair care and the potential risks associated with certain hair treatments. The constantly updated blog on the HairSmart website is a treasure trove of information, offering tips and insights on maintaining healthy hair naturally.


This lawsuit against hair relaxer manufacturers has highlighted the urgent need for safer hair care alternatives. HairSmart is proud to be a leading voice in this movement, advocating for the health and well-being of Black women. "Our mission is to provide not just products, but also hope and support to women who have suffered from hair loss and other health issues due to these harmful products," says founder Prerna Khemka.

prerna khemka

Prerna Khemka

Our founder, Prerna Khemka, confronted hair loss in her twenties. Fueled by a profound passion for Ayurveda and equipped with insights from Western technology, she embarked on a transformative odyssey. Determined to find a solution that resonated with her cultural roots, Prerna delved into extensive research and innovation. The result? A line of clean, effective products that not only revived her own hair but also empowered countless others facing similar challenges.