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Unlocking Hair Growth: 3 Critical Steps for Successful Regrowth

Written by: prerna khemka



From reversing hair loss to growing your hair back, a plan must be well-executed to get results. Most of us don’t know that treating hair loss is a 3-STEP program; without which you will not get the best and desired results.

We generally buy a serum, take a supplement, or use a topical drug and don’t get the full expected results or the progress is very slow. Why is it so?

It is because - HAIR LOSS treatment is a complex problem to treat! There are several factors at play and to stop hair loss and to start regrowing new hair again, we need a three-pronged approach.

protection for hair

Think of a construction site! You need to PROTECT your site from destruction, you need to dump construction material AND you need to use machines and people to use that construction material to build your dream home.

In the same way - for hair loss, you need to PROTECT your hair against further loss, you need to NOURISH your hair follicle AND you need the Laser Cap to BUILD, i.e. rejuvenate the cells of the hair follicle so they can grow new hair again. Below are the hair regrowth steps.

So, What is The Three Step Trifecta?

Protect Against further Hair Loss, i.e. Prevent Hair Loss

The first thing to build your dream home is to protect your site against potential damage, trespassers, inclement weather and so forth. So that, while you are building, nothing comes in the way and ruins all your work! Similarly, the first and the MOST important part of growing hair is to STABILIZE your current hair loss. Otherwise, the hair loss and the hair growth will cancel each other out. What this means is we have to protect your hair follicle from the DHT which causes hair loss in the first place. 


The cause of hairloss is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT essentially suffocates your hair follicles and blocks it from receiving oxygen and nutrients. Without these, the hair goes through miniaturization which means it will become shorter, weaker, and drier. Left untreated, the hair follicle will eventually die and no hair will be able to grow from that spot anymore.

While there are pharmaceutical DHT blockers such as finasteride and minoxidil, they come with harmful side effects and risks to your overall health. That’s why it is important to find natural alternatives to reap the benefits and avoid the risks.

dht blocker


While you may think a conditioner's main role is to soften your hair, it’s actually used for protection! Conditioners will wrap around your hair cuticles and protect it from breakfast and heat damage, while also reducing frizz.

Unfortunately, many conditioners contain harmful ingredients such as parabens which are known to cause skin irritation, redness, itching or rashes. Parabens can also exacerbate existing skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis.

Look for a conditioner rich in hair building keratin, collagen, and botanical extracts.



Hair oils are known for the deep conditioning benefits while providing the hair with a sleek and shiny look that you see on hair commercials. But did you know that certain oils can protect your hair? Oils that are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E create a coating layer around your hair shaft and therefore protect your hair from pollutants and heat.

Most hair oils will contain a few carrier oils and give you the shine you want, but at HairSmart we’ve incorporated a blend of nourishing Ayurvedic herbs such as alma, brahmi, and neem, each with their own powerful hair promoting benefits.

oils for hair

Nourish your Hair Follicle

Once you’ve protected your dream home site, you’ll need the construction materials to actually build it! Similarly, your hair follicle needs hair building nutrients before it begins growing healthy and strong again. These nutrients provide the hair with the food it needs to grow thicker, stronger, and healthier than ever. Hair regrowth depends on the care.

Ensuring your hair follicles receive the right nutrition will assist in building hair and minimizing hair fall before even beginning the construction process. Our hair absorbs these nutrients in two ways: through the bloodstream and locally on the scalp.

NOURISH 1: Hair Vitamin (Bloodstream)

There are many different hair vitamins on the hair market that promise remarkable results. Many of them contain biotin and sometimes a couple vitamins or minerals. While that is helpful, it must be noted that a weakened hair fiber will require much more nourishment than regular hair to reboot the growth process. This is why you should find a vitamin that contains Vitamin C, E, B9, B6, and Biotin. Minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. And amino acids such as L-cysteine and L-arginine. These are all CRUCIAL for hair growth.

hair vitamin

NOURISH 2: Serums (Local Scalp)

Serums usually contain a mixture of ingredients that work synergistically to provide the ultimate nourishment to the entire hair shaft and follicle. Serums should aim to also improve blood circulation thereby allowing your hair to receive even more oxygen and nutrients to promote hair growth. The fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins that are found in serums will penetrate deep into the follicle to ensure that all essential building blocks are there prior to the growth process (this is also why a clean scalp is important for the serums to properly absorb). serum helps the best way for hair regrowth.

Some serums on the market lack the vital nutrients necessary for growth. Find a serum with a range of nourishing ingredients stated above and also contain amino acids and keratin.

hair serum

STEP 3: Build & Grow your Hair Follicle with a Laser Cap

Okay, so you fixed the foundation, got the construction material, now you just need the labor and the machines to build it! With hair, the mainpower we’re referring to is the laser cap utilizing low level laser therapy (LLLT).

Laser caps are proven to be the most natural and safest method when growing your hair. The LLLT stimulates the hair follicles and improves their overall cellular metabolism. Once the laser light is absorbed by the hair follicles, it will promote ATP (energy) production for the cells, which stimulates faster hair growth that goes thicker and denser.

hair cap

Another cool fact is that the laser stimulates specific stem cells in the hair that are responsible for hair regrowth.

Multiple studies (PMID: 24474647, 24474647, 23970445) have proven the efficacy and safety of using LLLT for hair regrowth. Some studies show a 51% increase in new hair count in just 17 weeks! This non-invasive therapy is also FDA approved to treat hair loss and promote hair growth for home-use.

As you can see the trifecta of hair loss ensures that the issue is tackled from a FULL 360 approach: protection, nourishment, and growth.

Stop taking half measures and using a single product to see sub-par results and utilize this hair care philosophy to truly achieve the hair of your dreams. This allows for the most rapid and effective solution, which is exactly what you and your hair deserves.

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Prerna Khemka

Prerna Khemka

Our founder, Prerna Khemka, confronted hair loss in her twenties. Fueled by a profound passion for Ayurveda and equipped with insights from Western technology, she embarked on a transformative odyssey. Determined to find a solution that resonated with her cultural roots, Prerna delved into extensive research and innovation. The result? A line of clean, effective products that not only revived her own hair but also empowered countless others facing similar challenges.